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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Warrior is a fast paced, two player, arcade style, Dragon Ball Z, fighting game. Play as either the Heroic Goku or evil Majin Buu and fight in an all new Dragon Ball Z environment above the clouds among destructible rocks that crumble under the power of your ferocious attacks. Players wield all the best powers from the original anime such as Goku's Kamehameha wave or the ability to power up to Super Saiyan or Super Buu. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Warrior is a lightning fast but strategic game that requires the use of every attack at the player’s disposal. The game currently only features two playable characters but new characters and maps will be added in future. My name is Luke and this is my first attempt at making a game. Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Warrior was a school assignment in which we had to develop our own game using the program Game Maker. I choose to do a two player fighting game as I thought it would be simple just to have two characters fight with no A.I required but the game turned out to be quite difficult to make and was a lot of work so I hope you enjoy.

Install instructions

Just hit download and run.


DBZ Ultimate Warrior.exe 57 MB